7 Biggest Concerns While Working With A Digital Marketing Partner Explained

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7 Biggest Concerns While Working With A Digital Marketing Partner Explained

Digital marketing shouldn’t be an unexplored topic in 2020, given that we get almost all the information about the products and services we consume through the digital world. Whenever you Google something, the content you get in the form of advertisements or organic listings is a direct result of digital marketing. This is just a small part of the whole digital marketing spectrum!

As a business owner, are you working at having your products or services to show up in search engines for your industry related searches? Or are you trying to reach thousands of your prospects with simple, dedicated planning?

Most businesses today are participating in some form of digital marketing, but only a few are fully leveraging its power and benefits.

Suppose you’ve considered hiring a digital marketing agency. In that case, you first need to ensure you discuss your targets and objectives as to where you want to see your company in the future. For example, where do you want to be in twelve months? Two years? Five years? Growth-focused organisations don’t hesitate to welcome innovative strategies to move forward. But is hiring a digital marketing agency the right move to meet your business goals?

Understanding the basics of digital marketing isn’t super tricky, but more importantly, implementing the right strategy for the correct results needs a dedicated team who continuously plan and track your progress. Hiring an agency can be beneficial for your business over setting up an internal team if you have set clear marketing expectations for your business by taking advantage of their experience, skillsets and accountability. But whenever you think about approaching marketing agencies, you’ll probably invest most of your time around these seven topics.

So, let’s discuss all seven of them.  

1. Will The Marketing Agency Understand My Business?

Do you think your business is unique? If you do, you are one of the other 100% of business owners who feel the same way as you do. 

We encounter business owners and managers from different industries almost every day, and all have similar concerns. Everyone thinks that their business is unique and are worried if the agency possesses the right knowledge to drive their marketing activities or has worked with related companies in the past.  

But there is one core thing you should understand about how digital marketing works. If you put yourself on the shoes of your customers or analyse their buying behaviour, you will notice a few common elements that tie all the products and services you consume together. No matter the industry, the way you search products, compare them, select the finest, and make a purchase is pretty much the same. You go with the one that you trust the most. 

Your Business May Not Be That Different, But Communication Is Crucial.

The way your business operates and offers its goods and services may be different from the next one, but your consumers already exist, and they are the same. Even if you’ve invented something that has never existed before, you’ll follow the same process to reach your customers. Consumer behaviour drives marketing strategies – in that sense, your business is no different from anyone else.

If you are striving to be an expert in your industry, consumers will want your expertise to solve their problems. Conveying the essential messages of your knowledge to your marketing partner is crucial, given that the practical information you provide to your customers will help drive your digital marketing expectations.

So if you feel like approaching a digital marketing agency to solve a problem that feels specific to you, communicate thoroughly. If the agency has been able to solve the problems of other businesses from different industries, their digital marketing expertise will likely solve yours too. But make sure you will convey the core messages of every important person in your team to your agency so that they will effectively communicate those messages consistently to your market audience.     

2. Will They Dedicate Enough Time To My Account?

Worrying about the right amount of attention is a legit concern as a business owner because you’ll not only be investing an amount of money but also a significant amount of time in marketing activities. If you waste that time on unproductive affairs, you’ll have to start over again, possibly from the beginning. Whether you are replacing your digital marketing partner after going through a bad experience or you are onboarding for the first time in the digital marketing world, you’d want appropriate care from the agency.  

Agencies Overwhelmed With Clients.

Agencies work with a lot of clients at the same time. Some keep welcoming new clients without realising the overwhelming tasks that are on the pipeline. But your agency must allocate enough time for your queries and concerns. Agencies should have the right resource to make all clients feel special, accommodated, and that they are receiving value.

From the beginning, we have been maintaining a maximum 12-hour response time for all queries at WEBO Digital. Additionally, we maintain regular communication with all our clients to discuss the progress and plans ahead. We also keep the number of our clients we service to an amount that our resources can provide and serve to the high standard of work and outcomes we consistently strive to attain to. It allows our team to be able to provide all clients with dedicated attention without being overwhelmed. 

3. How To Understand The Basics Of Digital Marketing?

If you are new to digital marketing, understanding the basics and how it works can be overwhelming and cause you to lack confidence on where to start. There are a few businesses that are still having a hard time believing in digital marketing, so they are still stuck in the traditional way of promoting their goods and services. It’s because they’ve either failed to understand the digital marketing process, have had a bad experience before or a significant portion of their customers isn’t in the digital world. The latter is almost impossible in 2020.   

The right agency shouldn’t find it difficult helping you understand the basics of digital marketing. Even if you google it, you can find quite a bit of information about digital marketing, but ideally, you need someone who can bring it all together and present it to you with the right knowledge. 

Tracking Goals With Knowledge Is Important

At WEBO Digital, we don’t just get things done for our clients; we also educate them about the whole process so that they understand why they are essential. It’s crucial for you to at least know how Google works for your business and how the right content makes a difference in achieving your marketing goals. 

Make sure you choose the agency that doesn’t hesitate to educate you about digital marketing and answers all your queries regarding how the whole process works. 

4. How To Create The Right Strategy? 

Understanding the elements of digital marketing is one thing, but the next level of creating the right marketing strategy can be more challenging for you to comprehend. Don’t worry; it’s one of the most common concerns. There are various essential elements of digital marketing strategies such as SEO, content marketing, social media marketing, PPC, email marketing, to name a few. How you drive your marketing strategy by combining all the essential elements towards aligned company goals and outcomes is crucial for success. 

A basic marketing strategy operates in three simple processes: it starts with attracting more prospects, converting more leads, and finally closing more sales. But your marketing process begins with understanding your customers. You should thoroughly understand your brand’s position and its relationship with your possible clients before understanding digital marketing strategies.    

Strategies Can Be Tailored To Your Needs

At the beginning of this article, we mentioned that your business is not that unique, which is right in a marketing expert’s perspective. But it doesn’t mean your marketing strategy can’t be uniquely tailored according to your business needs. Creating a marketing plan that delivers results is not about how your business operates but more about how it can assure and attract the right customers. 

An effective marketing strategy is all about the right mix of all the essential marketing elements. You may have a hard time crafting the right strategy on your own, which is why it can be very beneficial to engage with a partner who specialises in this area to help you. You need to be prepared to discuss your current position and expectations in-depth from a digital sales and marketing perspective with any marketing partner agency should you wish to engage one to ensure success.

5. How They Will Track My Goals And Objectives?

If you want to track your goals and objectives, you should have one. Before consulting with any agency, you should set clear marketing goals for your organisation so that they are evident in where you want to see your business in future. A long term goal should be backed by various short term goals and milestones so that you know you’re on the right track. 

An expert consultant shouldn’t have a hard time aligning marketing strategies to your objectives and reporting you the progress regularly. Understanding the pace and the direction of your marketing activity will allow you to monitor your progress and decide future strategies carefully.

Experience The Activities Together 

At WEBO Digital, we set quarterly targets and monthly sprint objectives for all of our clients so that we can not only track the direction of the processes but also educate our clients about the whole scenario. All our clients are well informed about who is responsible for what task so that there is clear accountability to move each essential element forward.   

6. How Fast Will They Deliver Results? 

Almost every new client we meet at WEBO Digital asks us when they will achieve their marketing goals. It’s a common thing for clients to expect their goals accomplished as early as possible. The reality is that while there are ‘quick wins’ that can be made early on, you need to understand that digital sales & marketing isn’t a magic tap of cash that you turn on and instantly get huge payoffs. It is a combination of strategy &  tools used in your business to achieve sustainable returns over the longer term. That being said, with your understanding of the critical areas and most importantly, your participation in the process, you will likely speed up the process of excellent results.

Your content needs time to get indexed and ranked in search engines for you to start attracting your customers. You should track how frequently your content is being produced and how often it is solving the problems of your customers who come searching for a solution to their questions online. 

Involvement With Education Is Essential.

How you involve yourself in the process of achieving your marketing goals matter. Some businesses entirely rely on their agencies for all the marketing activities and only track the reports. Involving yourself in the process, and learning from it will enable you to place the right things in the right place, or at least suggest correctly as per your expertise. It’ll not only help achieve your goals faster but also positively contribute to building your brand image for the longer term. 

Working together with clients has enabled our team at WEBO Digital to educate them about the processes, gather essential information and knowledge of their business, and achieve the goals faster.   

7. How Should I Track ROI?

How would you measure your ROI? Through an increase in your website traffic? Or through your surging brand awareness? An increase in web traffic and improved brand awareness are essential elements that drive your marketing goals forward. However, if your marketing activity is not generating revenue in the longer term, you’re not getting any return on your investment. You should ultimately measure your ROI based on what impact your marketing activity has on generating revenue.

Marketers may find it hard to provide you with the perfect justification of ROI, given that some activities don’t show immediate results. And businesses find it hard to relate the contribution of growing activities in digital platforms to ROI. However, it is vital that you understand the actions and ultimately relate them to your company’s revenue. 

Set up a clear Magic Metric for your marketing goals so that you and your marketing team have a clear, understandable target to aim for. Your magic metric will vary according to the expectations of your business; you might want more brand exposure or simply want to grow the revenue according to what your primary goals are.  

Every Marketing Activity Should Drive Revenue For Your Organisation.

Our team at WEBO Digital believes every marketing activity should ultimately contribute and drive increased revenue for our clients. Whether it be content marketing, an SEO strategy, email marketing, or PPC campaigns, every action is an opportunity to contribute to the revenue of your business.


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